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The Kelowna Running Club will provide opportunities for the community to participate, recreate and be educated in the sport of running at whatever level they choose.


 Larry Nicholas Memorial Run Update

Did you know that the Larry Nicholas Memorial Run has been "running" for 33 years? The Kelowna Running Club is proud to be able to support the efforts of Larry's family in providing an annual bursary to a deserving student in his memory. Larry's mother, Donna, appreciates the support and has recently acknowledged this in a letter. We look forward to continuing our support and to the continued participation of the Nicholas family.

New Membership Registration/Renewal Process

The Kelowna Running Club is going more digital and is taking all new memberships and renewals online, via As part of this process all money must move through Trackie.

This process streamlines the registration process. All members are provided insurance coverage by BC Athletics. In the past, when registration was done in person, Liz or Diane had to track down all the personal information about the registrant, go to BC Athletics website and key in that information. Now Trackie will automatically transmit that information to BC Athletics and deposit the registration fee to our bank, saving Liz and Diane countless hours and minimizing the chance of errors (not that they ever made an error in the past).

The process is fairly straight forward.

Step 1 - at the top of this page click on ABOUT and select Join KRC – (or go directly to the membership form at Trackie)

Step 2 - Fill out your information and select membership type.

Step 3 - Click on Proceed to Step 2 and enter payment information and agree to waivers and then click on Confirm Registration. You may want to print your receipt.

Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please speak to one of your board members.


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KRC Bursary

Help provide post-secondary funding for a deserving local student who is active in the local running scene.