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The Kelowna Running Club will provide opportunities for the community to participate, recreate and be educated in the sport of running at whatever level they choose.



2016 IRA Winners

The Interior Running Association’s Canadian Tire Road Racing series for 2016 is now complete and Kelowna runners Liz Borrett and Roly Muller have won the age graded scoring for the second consecutive year.

Liz Borrett was first age graded in 6 of her races.  Roly Muller won his category with two firsts, three seconds and a fourth place finish.

Our congratulations to these two runners for another great year of racing.

The following Kelowna athletes placed first in this year’s female age category scoring, namely Kendall Cowley, F20-29, Julie Quigley, F30-34, Jane Jones, F40-44, Leslie Gamble, F50-54, Cindy Rhodes, F55-59, Laurelee Nelson (welcome back), F60-64, Astrid Varga, F65-69, Diane Leonard, F70-74 and Liz Borrett, F75-79.

On the men’s side the Kelowna athletes who won their age group were Brad Bickley, M20-29, Richard Dueck, M45-49, Roly Muller, M60-64 and Teddy Boyko, M65-69. Once again the women are showing the men how to get it done!

Congratulations to these Kelowna runners, as well as to all the runners who participated in this year’s road racing series.  We are looking to more great racing in 2017.


Fresh Air Hard Knox

The second annual running of the Fresh Air Hard Knox 12k was held on Sunday, August 15, 2016, under sunny skies (and look at the smiles on the participants' faces - photo obviously taken before Knox Mountain). This race, which started and finished at the base of Knox Mountain, wound its way along the Okanagan Lake, through City Park, back to Knox Mountain, then up the grueling Apex Trail and around the back of the mountain to the finish line.

Despite the inadvertent handicap (being sent the wrong way on Manhattan Drive for some extra distance) Kelowna’s Brad Bickley (M 20-29) was the first to cross the finish line, with a time of 41:53.  Kelowna’s Kendall Cowley (F 20-29) was the first female to finish, with a time of 55:29.

Brad was the only runner to break 4 minutes on the Knox Grind (the run up Apex Trail), completing that section in 3:30. He also won the Monster Mile, namely the last mile of the race, with a time of 4:37. Imagine being 37 seconds over a 4 minute mile after completing a grueling 10 ½ kilometer portion of the race!

Other top finishers from Kelowna in their respective age groups were Siobhan McManus (F 30-34), Naomi Mack (F 35-39), Jane Jones (F 40-44), Leslie Gamble (F 50-54),  Brenda Dickson (F 55-59),  Lynn Sparling (F 60-64), Astrid Varga (F 65-69), Diane Leonard (F 70-74), Liz Borrett (F 75-79), Chris Brunet (M 35-39),  Gary Wade (M 45-49),  Roly Muller (M 60-64) and Teddy Boyko (M 65-69). Once again Kelowna’s ladies outperformed the Kelowna men!

Honorable mention should also go out to Violet Holmes and Guenter Naumann, who were both finishers in the 80-85 age group.

A special thanks goes to all the volunteers for their dedication and hard work in organizing and running this event. Also thanks to Fresh Air Experience and Mizuno for their ongoing support and to Bill Justice of EK’s Grill for the hot food.

Finally, thanks to all the runners who participated in our race. See you all again next year.


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